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Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline and diesel. To produce CNG, natural gas must be compressed to less than 1% of its volume and safely stored. Any disruption in this process can result in leaks and lost product. This process requires a natural gas compression system that delivers reliable performance.

Innovative air compression design to deliver performance

Kaishan supplies CNG providers and gas stations with natural gas compressors that you can rely on. Our air compressors deliver reduced maintenance intervals and downtime with unparalleled performance. You can count on our compressors to compress natural gas to a point where it can power vehicles.

Delivering compressed air in all applications

Fuel station owners rely on Kaishan to successfully deliver CNG to various vehicles while preventing gas leaks. Our team is dedicated to delivering more environmentally friendly gas solutions. Kaishan is proud to provide gas stations with:

Fuel station operators can utilize Kaishan compressors to reliably compress natural gas.

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