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Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning customers’ clothes in a cost-effective, repeatable manner is no easy task. One small malfunction with an air compressor can ruin garments and lead to upset customers who leave you for your competition. This highlights the industry’s need for low upfront and operating costs of air with reliable, clean performance. You need a compressor solution that can deliver cost-effective compressed air day after day, customer after customer.

Designed to perform day in and day out

Kaishan supplies dry cleaners all over the country with affordable air compressors that optimize energy efficiency and reduce downtime. Kaishan compressors are engineered for the long haul, with features such as high-efficiency electric motors, all while delivering the lowest cost of ownership in the dry cleaning industry. We can tailor a system that meets your demanding applications at a cost that won’t take you to the cleaners.

Built for reliability and performance you can count on

Dry cleaners rely on Kaishan to keep customers coming back for cleaning while keeping operating and maintenance costs under control. With our air compressors, you no longer have to compromise on price, quality, or both. Kaishan is proud to provide dry cleaners with:

Dry cleaner operators can utilize Kaishan compressors to deliver reliable compressed air that leads to more satisfied customers.

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