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Life science manufacturing, operations, and research require a clean, reliable source of compressed air. This utility plays a key role in numerous applications, from tissue culturing to drug manufacturing, where sanitation is a must. Even the smallest drop of contamination can lead to discarded product batches, downtime for cleaning equipment, and government fines. These consequences emphasize the need for reliable air compression technology.

Air compressor design to help you meet your operational goals

Kaishan supplies life sciences with compression systems that lead to the development of life-saving therapies. Our state-of-the-art air compressors provide reliability and efficiency to ensure on-time research and pharmaceutical performance. Kaishan’s leading experience and expertise provide you with air compressors that enable maximum system reliability and efficiency.

The reliability and trust you need

Life sciences researchers, engineers, and scientists rely on Kaishan for air compression in research and manufacturing operations. Whether you are a contract research organization, a pharmaceutical drug manufacturer, or another life sciences company, Kaishan is proud to provide you with:

Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Industrial vacuum pumps remove gas molecules from a sealed chamber to create a vacuum. Kaishan industrial vacuum pumps are reliable and efficient for operation in the harshest environments.

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The life sciences industry can utilize Kaishan compressors to perform ground-breaking research while maintaining proper quality and performance.

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