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Semiconductors are critical components in a variety of industries, and often in short supply. These vital components are often produced in clean rooms where reliable, high-purity, and cost-efficient compressed air is a necessity. Air compressors are used as a drying medium to imbed materials into chips, to cool chips during manufacturing, and more. When operators do not have access to a reliable source of compressed air, production suffers, preventing critical industries from finishing their products. As such, reliable air compressors are indispensable.

Air compressors for the most demanding industries

Kaishan supplies semiconductor manufacturers with air compressors that help them keep up with constant demand. Kaishan’s engineers design our air compressors to deliver the pure, clean compressed air you require to keep your operations up and running. Our air compressors are also built with features such as high-efficiency electric motors to reduce energy costs and create significant bottom-line savings.

Reliable air compressors for decades long performance

Semiconductor engineers and manufacturers rely on Kaishan to deliver cost-effective, clean, compressed air that keeps production on schedule. Our team is dedicated to helping the semiconductor industry meet increasing demand by providing manufacturers with:

Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Industrial vacuum pumps remove gas molecules from a sealed chamber to create a vacuum. Kaishan industrial vacuum pumps are reliable and efficient for operation in the harshest environments.

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The semiconductor industry can utilize Kaishan compressors to supply high-quality semiconductors without unplanned downtime and unexpected costs.

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