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At Kaishan, we know how crucial compressed air is to your operation. Our KRST belt-driven air compressors can be counted on to deliver reliable, economical performance in a variety of industrial applications. Sophisticated controls and other advanced features provide additional flexibility, while low maintenance requirements keep operating costs down over the life of the unit.

Kaishan KRST compressors utilize a belt connected to a motor to power the air compressor. This KRST series of belt-driven compressors range from 5Kw to 22Kw in power. Choose a Kaishan compressor to power air tools in manufacturing operations, automotive repair centers, or heavy-duty industrial applications.

KRSB Air Compressor Benefits

From the ground up, we’ve designed the KRST series to offer reliable performance at an accessible price point. Kaishan is 85% vertically integrated, manufacturing most of our compressor components internally. Our vertically integrated supply chain passes the cost savings onto you.

Our products are economical to run on an ongoing basis, due to low energy consumption and flexible, low-speed operation. The “SKK” series airend provides maximum output with low energy usage.

Our air compressors are manufactured with high-quality components and engineered to require service less frequently. The spin-on air/oil separator element was designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Keep productivity up shift after shift with KRST air compressors.

Kaishan cares about keeping your workers safe. Our KRST air compressors incorporate advanced safety features such as diagnostic controls, safety relief valves and comprehensive belt guards to prevent on-the-job accidents.

Air Compression Performance to Ensure Reliable System Operation

Key features of our KRST series include:


World-Class Service and Support

Kaishan has an extensive warehouse of consumable parts on-hand to expedite any service or maintenance request. Our network of local independent distributors and service providers assures you are never very far away from expert assistance.

We are committed to helping you reach your business goals. Operators can rely on our high-quality, reliable air compressors. Reach out today to learn more about KRSB air compressors and see how the Kaishan team can help you win. Contact us today.