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LMF LGCY Portable Diesel Compressors are tough, user-friendly, and reliable.

Their tropical design makes them unique and versatile, with unrivalled performance able to operate in the harshest of environments.

With real time system monitoring, class leading low total cost of ownership and all steel construction. They are suitable for the oil & gas, construction, marine, drilling, blasting and mining industries amongst others.


• High temperature tropical design.
• Air cooled unit with compact flow designed split Cooler for both Engine and Airend guaranteeing the unit will not over heat during peak temperature seasons.
• Patented real time monitoring Control Panel, continuously monitors both the engine and air compressor side.
• Built in 20% fuel level indicator and auto stop preventing run dry situations
• Engine temperature
• Low oil level both Engine and Airend.
• Service time indicator.
• Cold start.
• Key operated.
• Emergency stop. Soft start

LGCY Air Compressor Benefits

The diesel engine drive and direct coupling provides soft start capability, this enables the unit to operate efficiently through the compressor’s capacity range by matching flow to demand. All while maintaining a high level of target pressure control, eliminating wasted energy and allowing substantial fossil fuel savings.

We design our compressors to have world-class reliability so that you can accomplish your work without the fear of your compressor breaking down or otherwise impeding your operations.

Also available in 2 stage, these diesel compressors provide a higher level of efficiency, with higher delivery volume/kw or higher delivery pressure capability than single-stage compressors. Making them more suited to a wider range of market segment. Our team has worked relentlessly to develop our world class high-quality two-stage air ends.

We design all our compressors with easy access for servicing, equip them with specialized sound-deadening enclosures which minimizes operating noise. 

Portable Air Compressors Engineered to deliver Class Leading industry performance

Some of our standard features making our machines unique in this segment:

Portable Diesel Compressor Specifications

World-Class Service and Support

Kaishan has extensive global distribution and warehouses to service your needs. Our network of distributors and service providers will ensure you are never very far away from expert assistance.
Kaishan is committed to helping you reach your business goals, our customers can rely on our high-quality, reliable air compressors. Reach out today to learn more about our LGCY series portable air compressors and see how the Kaishan MEA team can help you win. Contact us today.