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Kaishan Steam Screw Expanders

Recovering energy from a waste steam stream can offer many facilities the opportunity to reduce their overall environmental impact. Steam screw expanders can recover heat energy by converting low-, medium-, and high-temperature steam into electrical energy. With a steam screw expander, power plants can accept saturated, dry, or overheated steam. They can also be combined with our ORC systems to maximize overall thermal efficiency and recover the maximum amount of energy possible.

Steam screw expanders are positive displacement machines that allow power plants to run at slower speeds without the performance or safety issues of a conventional turbine. As a result, they broaden the possibilities for industrial power recovery and power generation into smaller sizes for those with difficult steam conditions.

Kaishan steam screw expanders are versatile pieces of equipment that work as co-generation, waste heat recovery, and waste pressure recovery equipment. Common applications include:

Steam Screw Expander Benefits

Engineered for Reliable Performance in any Application

Like all Kaishan products, our steam screw expander generators contain industry-leading components and technological innovations—all while remaining economical to purchase and operate. Our steam screw expanders:

When you choose Kaishan’s compressors and expanders, you are buying a proven technology that is used in power plants worldwide to generate nearly 100 MW of clean energy. You’ll find our steam expanders and hybrid steam expander ORC systems in steel mills, refineries, chemical plants, palm oil processing plants, and other industrial sites. Reach out today to learn more about steam screw expanders and see how the Kaishan team can help you better meet your goals. Contact us today.