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CAGI Data Sheets

Companies are making bolder product claims than ever before. In today’s global economy and digital landscape, it’s become commonplace for organizations to research their potential purchases before contacting a provider. This research demand has led to a greater emphasis on standardized printed and electronic information detailing the performance and demands of equipment, like air compressors. This information is most often captured in white papers or data sheets.

Organizations must be able to verify the details of company offerings. This verification involves the use of data sheets. Luckily, there are a variety of organizations dedicated to verifying this information. For air compressors, the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) verifies these claims and the corresponding data sheets.

What Is CAGI?

CAGI, or the Compressed Air and Gas Institute, serves a critical role in the industry, providing accuracy, clarity, and confirmation to a manufacturer’s stated product specifications via their Performance Verification Program. CAGI’s independent verification of an equipment’s features instills confidence in a buyer when initiating a business relationship with a company.

While CAGI participation is optional, it is often advantageous for manufacturers who can display a performance verification label following confirmation by CAGI. All manufacturers that partake in the program become listed members in CAGI’s participant directory and share the CAGI data sheets on their websites.

Kaishan is a proud participant in CAGI’s program, and our data sheets have been independently verified. You can see our collection of CAGI data sheets for our products below: