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Power Generation

Generating reliable sources of power for entire cities, states, and countries requires the use of reliable air compressors. These mechanical devices provide operational support for many applications, including cooling turbines, material handling, fuel gas boosting, and more. Many power plants have to operate around the clock—or stop production at a moment’s notice—which stresses the importance of air compressor reliability.

Air compressors that always deliver

Kaishan supplies power plants with air compressor systems that have superior reliability even in the most extreme conditions. With more than 60 years of experience, our compressors are engineered with features such as stainless steel tubing to ensure performance in difficult operating conditions. Our air compressors help you meet changing energy grid demands by delivering reliable, cost-effective, on-demand production.

Impressive performance you can count on

Power plant engineers and operators rely on Kaishan to deliver compressed air at a moment’s notice. Whether they are producing renewable energy or fossil fuel power, Kaishan is proud to provide power plants with:

ORC Power Generators

Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) power generator systems provide a 100% clean source of energy from a high-temperature source as compared to other energy recovery processes.

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Steam Screw Expanders

Steam screw expanders convert energy from high pressure/temperature steam into electricity—in sizes and conditions where a conventional steam turbine is not a practical application.

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Power plants can utilize Kaishan compressors to meet growing energy demands while keeping operational costs low.

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