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Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage is a relatively new technology in the fight against climate change. This technology relies on compression. Once carbon is captured from the environment, operators have to find a way to store it efficiently. Compressing CO2 allows it to be stored either for future use or deep underground in various geological formations. This process requires a reliable, economical compression system.

Engineered with more than 60 years of air compressor experience.

Kaishan supplies direct air capture companies with compression systems that reliably compress CO2. Our vast experience with gas compression technologies ensures enhanced performance and output without compromising efficiency. Our gas compressors efficiently compress CO2 to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Fighting against climate change through air compression you can count on

Carbon capture engineers rely on Kaishan to ensure CO2 is reliably compressed for storage or use. Our team works on the front lines in the battle against climate change. Kaishan is proud to provide direct air capture companies with:

Direct air capture companies can utilize Kaishan compressors to reduce the carbon content in the atmosphere.

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